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Anyone have any memories of BB King's music that they would like to share in honor of his passing?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) May 15th, 2015

I once saw him play in an outdoor concert in Philadelphia during the summer. It was in the 80s. He was great. Here’s an amazing performance:

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Um, @cazzie That is Sam Cooke singing Ben E King’s song Stand By Me, not BB King.

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Here is some real BB King. I always loved that guitar.

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@Jaxk Yes, he was a master with it.

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I was thinking of Sam Cook… how strange.

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3 decades back, I went to Jonesboro and Memphis to visit family. While I was there, my cousin Ellen took me down to Beale Street, and we sat in a club that BB King owned, and he was playing in at the time. It was cosmic!

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I adored the Peanuts cartoons as a kid and their music choices of jazz and blues. “Joe Cool” was a favorite and I loved BB King’s rendition on the Peanuts Soundtrack.

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I’m 24, and I remember in 1998 when my mother played B.B. King for the first time, that was the first time music had ever truly moved me and made me feel something.

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Happy 90 on the year of your birth, BB King.
Thanks for 65 years of great music.
@rockfan, is your legacy…your music will never die. Never.

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