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Do illegal aliens get to go home and retrieve their belongings?

Asked by Aster (19949points) July 24th, 2015

After a Mexican man is found to be an illegal alien in court, does he get to go home to pick up his belongings or is he instantly placed on a bus?

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By “home” do you mean Mexico?

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The word “alien” is so demeaning, in this context. I know it didn’t originate from you @Aster but couldn’t you just say migrant instead?

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@si3tech no; I meant return to their residence like their apartment or house.
@Adagio I apologize. There are so many different names to call them nowadays that I just used what we would say a few years ago. I don’t want to offend anyone. I do admit I’ve never once heard them referred to as a “migrant.” As in,” I hired a migrant to mow our yard.” Not such a flattering moniker I don’t think. Sounds like a monster or space alien.
From 2011 on fluther: “Would you knowingly hire an illegal alien?

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How about “unofficial citizen”?

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I have a woman who works here from time to time. Her working visa expired a couple of years ago, most of her family live in NZ and it is most unreasonable that immigration has not renewed her visa. She works hard and pays taxes and is a thoroughly good person. I have absolutely no qualms having her here. In NZ, a country completely surrounded by ocean, one cannot simply slip across the border. People get visas or working visas to allow them to stay a certain length of time. Anyone overstaying their visa is “officially” known as an overstayer, but they are all just people.

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