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Can an individual own a Goodwill store and pocket the sales ?

Asked by Aster (19949points) July 24th, 2015

I have a close friend whose husband, 70, said to not do business with Goodwill since an individual owns it and pockets the money from sales. He says to only use the Salvation Army store. True or false?

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I think not. They have to file a special tax return as a non profit and account for the funds. And they have to publish a notice it’s on file and anyone can get a copy. They can abuse the rules but they risk their non profit status.

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There are lots of reasons to not patronize Goodwill, but that is not one of them.

Their workers are supposedly being rehabilitated or trained to hold down a job, but they pay disabled workers only pennies per hour. It is a shame; people in the disability rights community hate Goodwill.

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OH, yes they can!
Portland Oregon CEO of Goodwill. Takes pay cut from $ 800K This was 2005 but the Goodwill Industries is a non-profit but the CEO can crank in the money.

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Salvation Army hates gay people, so if you support equality, they’re not a good place to go, either.

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No, an individual cannot own a Goodwill store.

Perhaps you received this email or a local variant?

CEO compensation perspective.

I know that Goodwill is doing good things in my community from interacting personally with Goodwill employees. I chat the better ones up, and then they’re gone.

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To dispel Salvation Army prejudice against gays, @DrasticDreamer, review this.

An openly gay man is a manager at my local store in the rural Midwest.

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@ibstubro Did they not openly advocate against marriage equality? (Genuine question, not snarkiness)

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I don’t know, @DrasticDreamer.
I know one of the managers at my local Salvation Army is openly gay, and it’s not a problem.

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