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Under what circumstances are we supposed to add "Edited" in our posts?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 26th, 2015

Is it whatever kind of change, even if it’s correcting a typo or if the change is substantial?
I don’t see it in the guidelines.

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I don’t think it’s any kinda rule or guideline that you have to add it when editing something. I guess you add it whenever you want people to know that your post has been edited.

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There is no rule. It’s more of a courtesy than anything else. It lets people know the post might be different from when they first read it. So like @Symbeline said, use it when you want people to know that your post has been edited.

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There is no rule about this. if you edit a post within 10 minutes there is no need to say it has been edit. I, and other people, may say “Edit” before a later post that corrects something in the former post that was noticed after the 10 minute period.

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I agree with @SavoirFaire. It’s just to flag people that what they just saw, and responded to, has changed.

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Wow, I really didn’t think anyone cared that much.

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We care, @rojo. We care. sniffs dramatically

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