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Why would turning off the computer make Activity For You go from 3 to 0?

Asked by flo (13151points) March 3rd, 2016

I mean I don’t know if that’s what caused it but that is the only thing that happened in between. It was 3 weeks ago, once it went from 2 to 0 and another time 3 to 0.

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Perhaps the questions were sent to editing or were spam and were deleted. Did you look at the questions?

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Shutting off the computer will clear your cache that prior to turning off that may reflect histories of your prior surfing here.

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The questions were removed for some reason.

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Pass this on the Mariah. She is looking for something to fix.

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It was no more than 2 minutes between turning the computer on and off in both times. Nothing was in editing. I don’t think thery were spam, I scanned through them, they were questions I answered or questions I aksed.

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