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Cuba,the next Shangra La?

Asked by msh (4262points) October 23rd, 2015 from iPhone

Drone captures views of long-forbidden island

Would you go to visit Cuba if you were able? Pretend the special license is cleared like a rap star’s. Would this (video) appeal to you?

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I sure would and will soon. A friend who is a Professor of Hispanic Studies has been close to forty times in the last twenty years, and praises it as a Hispanic version of Hawaii, with beautiful beaches and great food.

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Sure, given the chance.

I mean, I’d rather get out of this climate for a while for my next passport-stamp, but eventually, why not?

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I saw those beaches… the color of the water. Oh, will I wish for that coming up here soon! I didn’t actually see any Great Whites, but…..

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I’d love to see Cuba before the West spoils it.

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