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I want to start reading the X-Men comics, do I have to start with issue 1? Are there places I can read them online?

Asked by scorpiosoul (19points) January 5th, 2016

I am thinking of starting to read the x-men comics. It’s something that I have always been interested in but to try and pick something as steeped in history is a daunting task. I was wondering if I really do have to read it from the beginning, or if there is an arc that I can start with instead? Also are there places I can read them online even if its a subscription service like Netflix but for comics that is fine too.

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Oh, that’s cute.

No, sweetie. X-Men started in, like, 1964. Unless you have 13 years to dedicate to reading comics, there’s no way you’re going to start at issue 1 and catch up. And that’s not counting the many many many spinoffs and guest appearances (Wolverine, for example, had his first appearance as Weapon X in issue 181 of the Incredible Hulk. He didn’t come into the X Men until issue 94, the beginning of the new X Men.)

Just pick it up wherever you can. That’s the fun of comics – they’re light reading, not a textbook.

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