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Questions about some parts of a video (gaming)

Asked by cofeka (154points) February 23rd, 2016

I need to translate this video, but there are some parts I don’t understand.

What does it mean “I’m making a wild approach”, “contact” and “pull around for north west flank” at 0:53, 2:31(&2:58), and 3:31 in this video?

Does it mean:
1. I’m rushing the objective.
2. friendly forces
3. Regain the battle ground on north west flank.

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wild approach = “WIDE approach” he’s running way off to the side of the enemy position and hooking back around.
Contact = he’s come across/engaged an enemy player
North west flank means he’s circling around the enemy position until he can approach from the North-west direction towards the objective

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