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Is Golf the only game that you win with the lowest score?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19393points) May 13th, 2016

Just wondering?

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Any sort of race is won by the smallest number, too.

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Isn’t low ball in poker the hand with the lowest cards?

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Pool? Fewest shots before the 8 ball wins.

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Hearts is won by lowest score.

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Doctor’s scores.

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Cross-country running meets are won by the team with the lowest combined score among (usually) the top five finishers.

Then there is the variant of checkers called give-away, where the object is to have your checkers sacrificed soonest.

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All races are that way, actually.

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When I was in Germany my hosts took me to a neighborhood pub that had a one lane bowling alley in the basement. They play a for of bowling called Kegel or 9 pin. They play3 different versions of the game. The traditional where you roll for high score and the non-traditional where you try to get the fewest pins without throwing a gutterball. Plus they have 3 different size balls from softball sized to one about the size of baseball.

Rolling the ball slow will only get you in trouble as it is allowed that an opponent can get up at anytime….run the the alley and kick the ball in the gutter. If he is successful you get a hashmark on your score….if he misses, he gets the hashmark, Hashmarks matter because at the end of your bowling outing you pay by the hashmark. At that time it was a Pfennig per hashmark.

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That sounds like fun! And I’m pretty sure they have wheelchair bowling now, @Cruiser. ~

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I am going to rip off UCME’s leg and kick you in the ass with it for that one @Dutchess_III

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LOL! My husband has a cousin who suffered from leg pain for 20 years after a gymnastic accident. 3 years ago they decided to take the leg from the knee down. She’s posted her journey on facebook from the the beginning.
Eventually she got a prosthetic leg. Just in the last couple of months she’s been jumping on tramps and stuff!
She used to post about how angry she’d get when she parked in a handicapp spot, and apparently there are assholes that view themselves as Handicap Cops, and would give her dirty looks or say stuff.
One time she said, “He made me so mad so I took off my leg and shook it at him!”
I laughed for an hour!

You can carry one of UCME’s legs, and I’ll carry the other and we will have a leg shaking duel.

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“En Garde”!

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Sore throat you say?

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Just a slight cough…I do that to distract my opponent….((cough))

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…Ohhh. I’m on my period. Ohh…..ohh….. My distraction technique…

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Okay fine…

I’m surprised @Cruiser has time for all that leg pulling, is it not keeping you from jerking off on your webcam?

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Sorry to hear that @Dutchess_III .((cough)) seems you and @ucme are in the same boat.((cough)).

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colonial police IQ tests.

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I only meant sports and games @ragingloli ,but you are very right with the IQ thing.

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Killing black people IS a sport to them.

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Motorcycle/bicycle trials competitions.

“Dabbing” (a rider putting a foot to the surface to steady themselves), stalling the engine, and leaving the marked course counts as a point.

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In golf the lowest score wins? I must be doing it wrong. Maybe I’m not as good as I thought I was.

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Yeah. You have a Par 3 hole. That means it takes the average person 3 swings, advancing a little at a time, before it gets in the hole.

Then you have someone who tees off and BAM. Nails it on that one swing, like a basketball. Or, more like a layup, but it goes in the hole with one shot.

So, who wins?

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Oh wait…that was joke! I get it! HA HA HA HA @Jaxk!

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@Dutchess_III – In your scenario, I would win. The idiot that nails the hole in one must buy the drinks. Buying the drinks is a loser and getting free drinks is a winner in my book.

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