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Can ambidextrous bowlers make a huge impact in upcoming years of Cricket ?

Asked by Yogesh_Singh (2points) July 24th, 2016

I am an ambidextrous bowler, i.e. I can bowl with both hands. I can bowl offspin, legspin, medium pace along with ALL their variations with both hands. I am thinking of making a career in cricket. I want to know how to proceed so as to reach fulfill my dream and wether I can be successful if I make it big ? Is therensomething on which I can bank on to be sure that I will be valued? I am 18 years old at present(2016).

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We don’t have a lot of cricket aficionados around here, so we’re not quite adept at responding to your question.

What country are you in? Are you playing in a league that will get you exposed to talent scouts from the national team? As in most team sports, you need to play where you will be seen to get selected for a top team.

You mention your different ways of bowling except for speed; like pitching a baseball in the US, bowling at high speed is generally needed as part of your repertoire. It does no good if all your bowls are at medium speed.

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Ok.. great you have mastered art of legspin / offspin and medium pace too. Sure you can make it big if you give it your best, practice hard and keep calm , cool cricketing head under pressure. Cricket these days is all about soaking pressure, being calm and collective under difficult circumstances.

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