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In Islam, is there an equivalent for Satan in Christianity and does he/she/it serve the same purpose?

Asked by rojo (24159points) August 4th, 2016

As asked.

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I’m not sure. I read a rather thick old book on Islam right after 9/11. I was just curious. But I didn’t finish the book. Got about ⅔s through and it was a struggle.

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Yes. Called iblis. Same idea as lucifer in Christianity in that it’s a fallen angel (well jinn, but you get the idea).

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Yes there is named Ilbis or Shaytan or Shaitan. However, rather than a fallen angel, Ilbis is a jinn and his “crime” against god is his hubris. When god told the angels and Ilbis to prostrate themselve before Adam, Ilbis refused seeing himself and all jinn to be superior to Adam. And so, he got kicked out of paradise.

And he specializes in getting humans and jinn to commit evil via deception.

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@Lightlyseared and @Winter_Pariah Thanks, does Ilbis serve the same purpose; that is the scapegoat, the source of all evil and negativity?

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Yes and no, while he is still the great tempter and seeks to bring humanity to ruin as to spite god and prove that jinn are superior to humans (he tempts jinn as well), Iblis (not Ilbis, my bad) is a jinn and according to Islam, both jinn and humans were created with free will to choose between good vs evil (unlike angels). So when one commits an evil deed – from what I understand – there can be blame placed on Iblis and his minions for seducing someone into committing evil. However – as stated previously – humans were created off the bat with free will to choose between good and evil (same as jinn) so with that in mind, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be the source of evil.

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Yes Muslims regard themselves along with Christians & Jews as “people of the Book” It doesn’t really matter what you call the boogeyman as long as he is there as a cudgel to keep the faithful in line. Fear and terror adhere the faithful to the road to paradise.

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The USA is considered the great Satan.

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