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Is zero an odd or even number?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22361points) September 11th, 2016 from iPhone

The 7 year old neighbor has been asking for months to help pick apples from the tree. Today is her appointed opportunity, and we’re both at it. Actually, I just watch for the most part and shift the shopping bags and ladders. This kid talks up a blue streak and she’s about as funny as as they come. In any event, midstream in all that tumbling verbiage came a pause, as she cocked an eye around a branch to face me and ask the question

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I think technically it’s even as it’s a multiple of 2 and therefore shares all the traits of even numbers.

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It is a “place setter” to keep -1 and +1 from fighting.

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It lies between 2 odd numbers so it must be even.

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@ragingloli that is my favorite YouTube channel.

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It is evenly divisible by 2 (0/2 = 0) so it is even.

Likewise, it is not prime because it is evenly divisible by pretty much everything (0/x = 0 when x != 0).

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Neither. It’s the black hole between -1 and +1.

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It is a very odd number that happens to be even.

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Zero is odd in that thou shalt not divide by zero.

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Zero is an even number and an odd ball.

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I divided by zero

nothing happened

I feel let down

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Actually if you divide by zero you get infinity, sort of.

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I know. That’s why I said “sort of”.

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starts off Even

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