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Anyone else thinking about quitting their job?

Asked by kidafrique (6points) September 13th, 2016

Hi Fluther, I am 27 years old and still living my parents. I work as a graphic designer for a small design company. I make about $400 a week. It does not deduct taxes from my paycheck so i end up paying back during taxes. Also it has no benefits or union. My job is about 2 hours from my house, which is really far. I live in the north Bronx and my job is all the way in south Brooklyn.

First of all I am really grateful for having a job. However this job is taking its toll on me. My workplace is pretty small. Picture a one bedroom apartment make shifted into a design company. Not a lot of space to walk around. I sit for about 8 hrs a day. It is taking its toll on me. I play football (soccer) on the weekends, it’s my passion. I’ve noticed I have gotten a lot slower and feeling much more pain on my body. I think the sitting down all day is affecting my health.

I like my co workers and boss. My boss is usually in the office. However many times he goes out on vacation and meetings. Many times its very difficult to reach him, when trying to get feedback or confirmation on a project. It takes 30 min to hours before a reply. Which makes it hard on us, since we need his approval before sending designs. I get out of work at 6. I often find myself waiting 15–30 min after just waiting for a reply.

Sometimes I feel we are getting underpaid and overworked. We work for many million dollar companies so not sure why we are not making more. We do the same work as other designers and they make much more. I feel like getting a department job closer to my house. My current one is not worth the trip or the stress. I want one within my major, however living in NYC, it is very competitive. Sometimes it becomes more of a who you know.

Planning to go back to school for my Masters or maybe even getting a degree in the medical field. Something my parents suggested. One thing I am always being told is to become a football (soccer) coach. Many people say I could of gone pro, many still do. Due to my age it is a bit too late. Would love to start my own team and coach young players. What do you guys think?

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I am not thinking about quitting my job, but I am not in the same position as you are. I have a well paying job with great benefits and an easy commute and good hours.

But I would not have stayed in the job you have as long as you have, You have asked us before under different names, and we will collectively keep telling you to find something closer to your home and that pays better. You are spending 20 hours a week commuting, that is ridiculous unless you are making ten times that amount you are now.

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A lot of things jump out about your question, so I’ll address a small part. I think only you can make a choice if you want to go into a different field, or back to school, so I’ll just address expectations in graphic design.

Your portfolio is your resume in design. $10/hr is never really ok, but any job paying you that for design work knows you’re just there to get the experience. Get your portfolio out there to other jobs and look for something better overall. If you apply and don’t get the job, write back and ask for feedback on your portfolio or application. 9 out of 10 times you won’t get any feedback, but what you do get will be productive.

If you’re doing a level of work that can be used for anything, then you can make a much better living without that long of a commute. Consider your current job a way to break into the field and build a portfolio. If you’ve learned what you can there, then it probably is time to move on.

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“The longest journey begins with but a single footstep.”

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I think you know the answer to this question. You liking your job for whatever the reasons tells me you are trying your best to justify this job. The reality is you are throwing away another 4 hours a day commuting to this job which is another 20 hours a week which then means you are getting paid $400 to “work” 60 hours plus add in the cost of transportation. Not knowing the specifics lets just say it costs you another $20.00 to travel to and from work very day. That is $100.00 Subtract that from your $400 and that leaves you $300/week divide by 60 hours your net take home not including taxes is $5.00 per hour.

You have 3–4 really good reasons to go look for another job right now today. You could bring home more money working at a fast-food. Also set up a Go-Daddy page with your portfolio and offer freelance design work. Also find time each day after work to go for a 30 minute walk at the very least to burn off some of this stress you have to be feeling.

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Since when is 27 considered “too late” to start coaching kids in Soccer?

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First of all, you can make your situation better immediately. Move up the height of your drawing table and stand part of the day.

It is up to you to take out taxes. Set up a savings account with your checking and establish an automatic deposit as soon as your paycheck comes. Take out the correct % needed to pay your taxes. Don’t forget SS and Medicare. Don’t spend the money and then scramble at tax time.

Explore other work options while you keep your current job. Start coaching a soccer team as an assistant to get resume credits in your off time.

Good luck.

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If you live in the North Bronx, you can easily commute to Yonkers, Elmsford, Tarrytown or White Plains. Why don’t you try seeking employment in one of those areas? There are a lot of companies there.

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I just googled “Westchester County graphic design” and got a lot of companies.

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