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What was Obama's prank on Trump?

Asked by jonsblond (43666points) January 20th, 2017

Exiting presidents usually pull a prank on the incoming president. What do you think Obama did to Trump?

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I haven’t heard yet, but it might have something to do with the personal note he was seen leaving in the presidential desk as he left the Oval Office for the last time this afternoon. The White House photog said he was giggling when he did it. LOL. There is no reason to believe it was anything other than good-natured ribbing.

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As a personal congratulatory gift, we all peed on your bed.

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There are apparently several memes floating around on the subject except they have Biden as the prankster, and Barack trying to be the grown up. Here is a sample:

Biden: I’m telling you, print up a fake birth certificate , put it in an envelope marked “secret” and hide it in the oval office.
Obama: Joe!

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Ooops. Did you forget to link?

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Tapped the answer button without meaning to.

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OK. I see the edit. LOL.

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Obama left Trump a note that read….Believe it or not, Putin and I are besties, here is his cell phone number. It was actually the number to the Bunny Ranch.

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Pardoning Chelsea Manning, and releasing some prisoners from the Guantanamo Concentration Camp.

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The prank comes the first night when all surviving ex presidents line up along his bed, hold him down and smack him with socks filled with a bar of soap while R. Lee Ermy shouts into his ear how this presidency thing really works.

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And then Drumpf blows his own brains out in the bathroom.
That would be so great if it actually happened.

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He took away his leaf blower & replaced it with a standard hairdryer.

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Passes to the women’s march for his wife and daughters.

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Map to Michelle’s “special” herb garden, really leads to local 7-eleven.

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