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Which one is your favourite sport and why?

Asked by dawngrant (5points) February 17th, 2017

A) Golf b) Clay Shooting C) athletics D) Football

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Swimming and why? Because I am really good at it and when I swim I call it meditation in motion as all I hear is the splash of the water and the sound of my breathing.

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To participate in: archery.
To watch: baseball.

The first I’m actually pretty good at. The second is a fantastic team sport with a long history and a lot going on and a lot to think about.

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I love loads of sports, always have done, some of my faves are the following…

Football (Soccer…spits on floor)
Rugby Union

Football is definitely the most important to me, it’s our national sport over here & you basically kick a ball as soon as you’re able to walk. Supporting your team is essential, my team is Leeds United, we are on our way back to good things, this makes me happy.

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Of the ones listed-football. But given the OP’s spelling of favorite, we could be talking about two different sports.

I love the NFL. I’m an Oakland Raiders fan. I bleed black n silver. R.I.P. Al Davis….

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Snooker. I love this marriage of precision, planning and Newtonian Physics.

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Skiing. I have skied since I was 8, I’ve taught it, jumped, raced, and skied deep powder. It’s the best fun.

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I’ll go with Curling for the same reason of @ragingloli

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Rugby Union is the only game with a ball I can stand to watch.

I don’t play ‘sports’. I participate in physical activity from time to time.

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Volleyball. Because I like it. (Also, OP, you listed “athletics” as one of your favorite sports. That was redundant, you know.)

Oh, yeah. I went snow skiing once. It turns out I was VERY good at it. Learned the hard way, my first time down the hill. Turn Pro NOW or die.

Oh, yeah. And archery. We actually bought me an archery set a couple of years ago
. Have yet to use it, though.

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I enjoy powerwalking. I can walk 2.5 miles (4 km) in 35 minutes.

I love to watch baseball. It’s quite elegant.

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To participate in or to watch? I like to watch rugby, soccer, tennis and a number of other sports.

I like swimming. It’s something I enjoy. It’s a peaceful form of exercise. I know I’m toning all the muscles in my body and I can tune out of the world for a while. I also like walking. Being out in nature and enjoying the bird sounds etc.

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Used to be skateboarding. But I hit that soul-crushing moment where I fell and it was so bad I knew I could never skateboard again. My passion for 20 years was dead.

Now I just play a lot of basketball. My body still rocks hoops.

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