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Should the DOJ investigate who leaked the Flynn conversation with the Russian Ambassador?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) February 17th, 2017

Trump is saying he wants a full investigation into the leaks. Do you think this is a good and prudent decision or do you think he should not expose those who are deep in our security apparatus that would further expose our sources and methods of eaves dropping?

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Drumpf loved the leaks when it came to damaging Shillary. Even openly encouraged the Russians to hack the Democrats.
Now he finds out he does not like the taste of his own medicine.

Anyway, no.
Whistleblowers, especially in the era of the Drumpf Regime, are important to the continued freedom of all people.
Snowden must be pardoned. Maybe even be awarded the Nobel peace prize.

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I fail to see the point. Trump only accepts answers he likes.

I also fail to see how making sure our POTUS is not colluding with Russia isn’t prudent. As that’s what this is starting to implicate.

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It is more important to investigate Trump’s connection with Russia. The FBI has records of contacts with Russian agents during the campaign. Add in the DNC hacking and Flynn’s discussion of sanctions. Something does not look right.

While they are at it they should investigate possible violation of the constitutional foreign emoluments clause. After years of waiting, Trump’s brand is suddenly approved in China. The next day Trump does a 180 on support of one China policy. Can you say impeachment?

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They should also search the voting machines for signs of Russian spyware.

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By all means, let’s investigate the leaks instead of getting to the bottom of Russia’s blackmail-enabling information about Trump and his minions. Yeah, let’s investigate leaks.

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I think the leaks were a last resort, so yes, go ahead and investigate, but understand they probably went through proper channels first.

Quick timeline as I understand it (from what we know now)

- Trump elected
– Sanctions put in place against Russia for involvement in election of Trump
– Flynn contacts ambassador to discuss sanctions
– Story comes out that Flynn had contact shortly after sanctions
– Flynn denies discussing sanctions
– Team Trump deny Flynn discussed sanctions
– Intelligence community tells Trump and AG that Flynn discussed sanctions
– Attorney General Yates tells Trump that Flynn discussed sanctions
– Attorney General Yates fired
– Intelligence community again insulted by Trump
– 2 weeks go by, no one releases the information that Flynn discussed sanctions with Russia
– someone leaks the information
– Flynn is let go and damage control begins

The appearance is that Trump had no intent of firing Flynn or letting the world know what he was told several weeks ago. The leak forced his hand, so he’s upset.

Definitely, investigate the whole thing and let’s find out who knew what, when and what else was discussed.

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@Hawaii_Jake The National Security Counsel and the FBI have the transcripts of the conversation between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador and have already stated they will not pursue this matter any further.

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How else are we going to get them the medal they so clearly deserve?

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@Cruiser – The National Security Council is led and appointed by the President. So basically that’s saying the president, vice president, and their appointees, have decided not to investigate themselves.

Also notable. Trump removed the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence from their permanent seats at the table.


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@Cruiser Yes. I think the DOJ needs to investigate to find who did the leaking. However, It is not beyond the realm of possibility the one of the DOJ did the leaking.

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We have a deal going on with other countries. Technically, we shouldn’t spy on our own citizens. But Germany or France or any one of our “friends” can. It is a common method to get info on citizens to avoid the legal stuff. And we do the same for them in return.

Unless details are released it could have been the Netherlands that recorded the calls and sent them off to our the media.

Only one way to find out what exactly happened. Spend 100 Million on public congressional hearings for the next eight years.

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They won’t investigate it. Basically, the activity took place before Trump was elected. He was NOT president. His staff were not, yet White House appointees. It was Trump and his band of merry makers who were caught by the FBI having talks behind the back of the sitting government. Who exactly does that make treasonous? Oh, yeah… the guys currently in charge.

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