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Do I really have to take my dog to the vet?

Asked by Esedess (3439points) March 7th, 2017

Last night my 45~lb dog (German Shepherd/Husky) got in a little scuff with some coyotes. She got bit on her back thigh. 2–4 small puncture wounds that bled a little then stopped once I cleaned them. She’s up-to-date on her vaccinations (June 2016).

Last night she wouldn’t put any weight on that leg, but she didn’t show any signs of pain when I prodded the area. I checked for anything lodged in her paw. Nothing. So I just gave her 160mg of aspirin and we went to bed. This morning, 6 hours later, she was putting weight on it with a very slight limp, and only sometimes at that.

The vet and a lot of people who treat their dogs like they’re not one of the most successful species on earth are telling me I HAVE to take her in IMMEDIATELY, and that they’ll probably have to shave the area and attach some drainage device, give her antibiotics, maybe a rabies booster, keep her for observation, etc, etc… Needless to say I’m skeptical.

To me, it sounds like a huge money grubbing overreaction (I’ve been scammed by vets before). How fucking fragile are dogs!? I’VE been bit, and got through it just fine without a trip to the ICU.

Is this really something I can’t just clean myself, watch, and then take her in if it doesn’t get better? I’d rather not go spend $100+ just cause a vet would rather make some money than tell me it’s a minor injury.

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