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Would you still travel to the U.S. if you were me?

Asked by Tbag (3330points) September 18th, 2017

As someone who was born and raised in a Muslim country in the Middle-East, traveling to the United States for me now is something that is filled with hesitation, fear and insult because of Trump. Some of the things I’ve heard or read aren’t exactly the nicest things you hear. Some of you may know that I completed my Masters Degree in Norway and I had solid plans for traveling to the U.S to kick-start my career there. I do have family there in New Jersey and I’m in limbo because I have this fear of being turned away or just having a hard time getting in. In a way, it’s my second home because I stayed there for a while. At the moment, I’m just weighing my options. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

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