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What is the highest nicotine level vape juice I can get for $10 and how big would the bottle be?

Asked by Donkeyiscoming (48points) September 20th, 2017 from iPhone

What is up my good people I just want to know the highest nic juice and how large the bottle would be for $10. I live in Michigan if the area helps. Also I have a message to the haters out there I know that certain people think that vape will ruin my life and all that fun stuff even though it won’t but that is what you believe and even if it were true it would be my problem not yours so if your going to post a comment stay positive I just don’t feel like dealing with haters right now.

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LOL. You really shouldn’t have put this in Social.

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Just smoke like a real grown up.

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How old are you?

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Pretty sure this info is available with a simple internet search.

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