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Do you think that Haydn is underrated as a composer?

Asked by marinelife (62460points) September 29th, 2017

I tend to. He is so prolific in terms of compositions, which certainly withstand the test of time. He was so highly regarded by his peers like Handel and Mozart, yet he is not as revered as they are or Bach is.

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Know the name but can’t say I can think of any specific compositions so maybe yes?

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See, that’s what I mean. I bet if you listen to some of these, you will recognize the melodies

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Certainly lovely.

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He is certainly not underrated by those devoted to classical music. Nor by classical musicians.

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Underrated by popular culture, sure, especially in the land of the mostly ignorant and tasteless.

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hard judgement (but accurate)

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I took lots of music history in school and my parents listened to classical music while I was growing up, and subsequently, I became a great lover of classical music. So to me Haydn is a household name, much like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

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