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What are your thoughts and feelings about John Oliver forgiving $15 million dollars of medical debt?

Asked by Zaku (27341points) December 10th, 2017

I just read that John Oliver bought $15 million of bad medical debt of about 9000 people for $60 thousand .

I’m curious what people think of not just this act, but the fact that the market makes it so easy for so much debt to be “bought” at such a rate, including debts that are no longer legally collectable, along with their personal information (without much oversight or verification).

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Interesting way to demonstrate the back door intricacies of debt problems in the US. I am curious if his forgiveness of the debts will contribute to s a small restoration of their credit.

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Good for him.

I recall some scheme that let people buy and forgive debt like that. I think I bought about $1,000 worth for $10 through it.

The whole process of selling debt cheaply to be bought by aggressive debt collecting agencies is pretty repulsive.

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What a great form of charity. Medical bills have destroyed countless lives in America.

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