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Is her friend trying to get me to flirt?

Asked by Dimeback (11points) 1 week ago from iPhone

A girl in my class started laughing loudly at my jokes and talking to me. She started having me repeat stuff to her, ask questions or responds to stuff I say. She teases me by scaring me. Her friend has me repeat stuff to the girl and talk to her. Well her friend asked me to chase the girl down the hall. Is her friend trying to have me flirt with her,

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It is possible that this girl is interested in you as a friend or more.

The real question is, are you interested in her?

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She might be interested in you; but IF you’re NOT interested in her, it does NOT matter how much she flirts. She also might be one of those girls who craves a LOT of attention & you’re ignoring her. It might be in her nature to flirt with everybody she meets whether she’s interested in them or not. So, be faithful to the girl you like & simply polite to her friend!!!


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This girl in question has indicated to her friend that she likes you and her friend is basically (in a round about way) letting you know! Be nice. Be cool. Be a gentleman! Be a friend, if you chose. But be cool or the sisterhood will blacklist you!

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