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What is the best tasting tea?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29001points) September 8th, 2018

I’ve always been more of a coffee drinker than tea but I’ve recently started paying more attention to teas and found Earl Grey to be a great tasting drink. Sans sugar and milk.

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Baked apple?

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@ragingloli I’m Dutch.
I talk about this stuff, not this.
“Baked apple”....., really, loli, really? ~

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The best tasting tea is loose leaf tea.

As for particular varieties: I’m partial to green tea, especially jasmine green teas.

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@Soubresaut Are their teas better taken cold or hot for you?

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I like African Solstice a lot, with a little agave to mildly sweeten. I find it soothing, and not floral or weedy tasting, as some teas seem.
Raspberry is very strong, so when I have a cold and everything tastes like sawdust, it is bold enough to experience some flavor.

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There is a Japanese tea, called genmai cha that is tea with a toasted rice flavor that I really like. And, yes, Earl Grey is one of my favorites.

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Iced: I prefer black tea and any fruity green tea to be cold (a lemon wedge in the black tea). Then there’s sun tea, which is a pitcher of water and black tea set out in the sun to steep, and is always iced.

Hot: I prefer green teas hot only because I prefer hot drinks (excluding fruity flavors)—if it’s too hot out, I’ll have them iced. I’ve only had white teas hot, never iced. Same with Earl Grey.

Here’s a breakdown of teas by type. I’ve basically only ever tried green, white, and black. The descriptions they gave for the types I know seemed pretty accurate to me, so it might be useful for you to try and pick what you want to try, or maybe you already know this, not sure. Within each type of tea are many varieties, and I’m not good at keeping track of them even for myself, so I’m not much help there, though I do enjoy trying new varieties when I go to coffee shops or restaurants with tea options.

Teas I have stocked at home right now: two jasmine green teas (one is just typical loose leaf that I put into a loose leaf tea bag, with the other, the leaves are rolled into pearls that bloom in the bottom of the mug), gunpowder green tea, and a green tea I found at a local tea shop with eucalyptus and safflower petals in it.

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@Soubresaut Awesome answer thanks!

@2davidc8 That genmai cha would be in my tea to try list along with African Solstice.

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Chamomile herbal tea is my favorite!!! You’ll find it on the shelf as Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime. No matter the tea I choose for the day, I substitute honey for the sugar & forget the milk!!!

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Arizona Iced tea.

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There is no best and in China there is as much variety in tea as in wine. My favourite is biluochun.

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This is kind of random, but I suddenly realized—after all this time—that I said “loose leaf” when I meant “full leaf”/“whole leaf”—not much of a difference, loose leaf tea is full leaf, but you can also buy pre-bagged full leaf tea.

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So, have you tried any of the suggestions yet?

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Haven’t tried African Solstice yet. So far tried matcha tea which a friend with MS has recommended. Not sure if I like it. : )

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