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Extremely difficult to get job as a fresher!

Asked by JKSARP (4points) 1 day ago

I am trying to get into IT companies. I am finding it very difficult to have it. Don’t know at what place I am lacking. At least, if some interviews get conducted, there is a chance of understanding it a bit. Some of my friends are working as fake in IT and they said, HR and other conducting people are not even opening the request posted by freshers while being a fresher, it is making me very stressed. Even I applied to many companies but not getting a response. I asked from my friends about my resume because I was worrying whether I am making mistakes in representing myself but they said it is okay enough.
Now coming to education, I have completed Masters in Technology, GATE, NET, Research Paper in IEEE (accepted and in the process to be published) etc. While submitting the resume, I am mentioning the projects and link of codes that I have done. Still, I am getting the notifications only from BPO and Voice support that is completely irrelevant to me. There are my seniors who are getting more than 100K per month, they say, I am better than they are based on my education and whatever they observed, it makes me feel better for a moment but still, I am not confident enough because I don’t have an actual idea of working in the industry. The more important is, I am jobless and not getting an opportunity to start my career.
Now I am thinking to hide my degree and other qualifications, and producing a fake experience certificate of 2+ years. Putting fake is making me feel guilty and uncomfortable but I have no other choice. Can somebody please suggest me whether I should do it or not? Your suggestions are valuable for me. I am thankful to all of you!

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I wouldn’t fake anything. Eventually it will catch up to you

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^ I would not fake anything.

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Yeah. A family member did some creative embellishing to his résumé experience and outright fabricated his education. Got away with it for a few years. This year, right now it caught up with him.

Bad scene.

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Another vote for not faking your credentials. It’s not worth it in the long run.

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