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Why is it necessary to test what would happen if someone swallows a LEGO piece?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 10th, 2018

Wouldn’t it be hard enough to not get dissolved, or changed in any way by whatever it comes across before it exits?

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“They were keen to see how dangerous the popular toy could be to kids – especially with Lego heads being so small, just 1cm x 1cm.”

But they tested it on adults.”
Is it just to see how long it would take to come out? Or to see how dangerous it could be to kids?

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I thought that Lego was made from cornsryup or cornstarch, and was digestible.

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Repeatable experimentation is a primary building block of science.

To boldly go. Citius, Altius, Fortius et cetera.

One can only marvel at the intestinal fortitude of the forensic pathologists sifting through the piles of evidence and accounting for any drop in numbers.

What sticks in my craw are the indelible incredible inedible possiblities of scientific advancement lost if such studies are canned.

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The only danger is chocking on it isn’t it?

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I would live in fear that repeated swallowing of legos could result in the USS Enterprise growing in my kid’s gut.

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Choking, yes, depending on the size. I think the sharp edges could be a puncture hazzard but I’m not really sure.

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Such a cunning way of initiating world debate on micro plastics in the world’s food supply.

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