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What tasks at home, work, school, or play would you like not to be automated?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24591points) March 17th, 2019

Any task that you love or don’t want to be replaced by automation? Goes with this question.

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Cooking, as in, I don’t think I would ever need a “food replicator” like they have on Star Trek. Although it would be fun to try it out. I enjoy cooking.

I do use a gas stove and oven, and microwave. I would not want to have to build, and cook, over a campfire every time I wanted a plate of spaghetti.

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I am mobility reduced. I want everything automated. I have remote control lightbulbs I can operate from where I sit. I can turn them off and on, dim or bright, white or a choice of colors, and three speeds for it to run through all the colors. I love the steps it saves me, and having one in the bedroom means never having to stumble to bed in the dark.
Give me a replicator, driverless car, whatever can be dreamed.
I want voice activated door locks, so if I need paramedics to come in they don’t have to mess with that.

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