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Could technology get sophisticated enough that there will be no need for human armies?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24458points) March 24th, 2019 from iPhone

Imagine a world where every country has the tech to retaliate exactly how they were attacked. Mutually assured destruction is guaranteed in a war between nations who are stupid enough to start one.

There are no more soldiers with projectile weapons, no Navy, no Air Force. War, if it really comes to that are waged by elected leaders on their laptops.

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Sounds like that Star Trek episode where the computers simulate attacks and tell each side who to send off to be exterminated.

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I don’t doubt that for a second.

Mutually assured destruction stalemated the liberal democracies and the communist powers until the communists ran out of money.

It is very possible that technology will produce a universal peaceful stalemate.

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A future without war (or with bloodless war) is a nice sounding idea, but I do not believe it’s possible. Especially as precious resources dwindle further. Competition over resources will become more pronounced. And people will not accept that they cannot have those resources just because some computer lost a simulated war on their behalf.

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One problem with this is that conflicts of the twenty first century are not so much by Ar,miles clashing as it is armies fighting insurgent forces. Yemen, Syria, ISIS, the Taliban, Boko Harum, all are insurgent caused conflicts.

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Nope. No matter what happens or how much tech was used, the lowly grunt still has to go in and hold that ground.

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It began with armies fighting armies progressed to armies fighting civilians and now we can expect to see killer robots fighting civilians.

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