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Is Casper the ghost of Richie Rich?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24453points) June 27th, 2020

Humor welcome

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Impossible. There’s not a chance in hell that Casper might be the spirit of big moneyed afterlife. The big clue is that Casper is the FRIENDLY ghost. Now picture the adjective that would precede ghost had Casper died a billionaire. Richie’s last name should be hint enough.

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@stanleybmanly What if Casper was Richie Riches twin brother that was killed with a poison potatoe?

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Killed at birth? How old would a kid have to be before he might be reasonably poisoned through utilization of a potato. But you raise an interesting question. Just how old was Casper when he bit the big one? It’s clear that he hasn’t advanced beyond early adolescence since I myself was 10. That’s better than 60 years, but back then, he exuded not a hint of nose in the air snooty privilege.

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Nah, Casper was Casper McFadden in life. And died in 1910.

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Yes. Richie Rich is the ghost of Hot Stuff and Speed Racer is the ghost of Kimba and Kimba is the ghost of all anime.
It ends there.
You heard it here first.or maybe not

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Casper had three uncles, named Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky. If they were in the Richie Rich movie, they didn’t make the cut.

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