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Did Fluther just block my IP?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20029points) October 12th, 2020

This morning I used my Android phone to get to Fluther and the site failed to load. I tried reloading multiple times to no avail. I then asked everyone on the secret Fluther group about the problem because I thought Fluther’s server was down, but that wasn’t the case. I then tried accessing Fluther on my computer because I thought my phone had a problem, and I couldn’t get in either. I suddenly got a dreadful hunch and pulled out my VPN software, and now I could get in.

The only conclusion I can draw right now and I do hope that I’m wrong is that somehow Fluther is blocking my IP. I know there have been some spammers associated with my IP lately, but I didn’t know it was so bad that Fluther had to use IP blocking. And one legitimate user is being affected by it right now :’(

Right now I just traveled all the way to Japan just to access Fluther ~

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