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Hi from a "newby" and I need your help!

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 7th, 2008

Where do I need to go to get the scoop on questions about using this site?? spellcheck, pm, adding contacts, deleting/adding, blocking, kudos, etc. HAY EVERYBODY FROM GEORGIA!!!!!!

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Welcome to Fluther!

Try and

Mostly, learn by doing. And by reading old questions.

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Georgia, USA?

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Yes, according to her profile.

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Welcome to the collective, XrayGirl. Good question; thanks for asking it.

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Georgia, always makes me think of this priceless picture of why i have little faith in the survival of our species

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Welcome to Fluther! I asked a similar question when I joined. It might help you to read the responses I received :0)

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hahahhahahahha @ iwa. that made by day. thank you!

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What did question made me wonder…did any of the high profiling members start with questions like this one ?

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OMG!! @Iwamoto that was so great… The ignorance… it amazes me….

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@xraygirl: Welcome! And what Trumi said is true, just browse around, read up on some previous discussions, when and where you feel like adding something, do!

@iwa: not sure about high profiling, but pretty sure some of our infamous friends didn’t….

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you guys are awesome…..i think i’m gonna like it here…;) thanks everyone. I’ll observe, read and learn…..tee hee. yes, georgia, usa… that yahoo clip was pretty scarey. I’m trying to stay away from that nasty, juvenile site. wink wink. anyway hey y’all and thanks for your input!!!!!!

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welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Hi and welcome from a newbie to a newbie! :)

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@iwamoto: It was probably just Pathfinder – plying his trade to other unsuspecting innocent and trusting souls.

Welcome, XrayGirl.

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