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Why does the turkey get pardoned?

Asked by janbb (57754points) 1 month ago

Shouldn’t the Thanksgiving turkey be pardoning us? And how did this crazy tradition get started?

Humor more than welcome!

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Yes, I know I could have Googled but was hoping to have some fun.

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Wondering whether Trump asked the turkey to pardon him?

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Didn’t Sarha Palins turkey get pardoned the same day that It was slaughtered, and caught on tape?

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Because it was innocent. Also it had influential friends. And was probably photogenic. And looked so sad.

As for pardoning us, now you’re talking religion.

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@Jeruba Or at least vegetarianism?

@SavoirFaire Your link is interesting though. I did not know it was at Todd Lincoln’s request. Sorry if I sounded snappish.

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@janbb, definitely religion. Christian flavor, anyway. I could cite you hymns and gospel tunes aplenty.

By sparing a life, you get to feel godlike. Also by not sparing it. I imagine that those with the power don’t all tend the same way.

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The American Turkey Council is a powerful lobby that keeps meticulous records of years of conversations around the Thanksgiving table of the rich and powerful, most notably, after the liquor consumption registers as “Indiscrete” on the meter.
In exchange for their continued silence, Tom is pardoned every year.

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Turkey gets pardoned, because Erdoğan is one of Donald Lame Duck’s favorite dictators.

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If you were a turkey, wouldn’t you angle for a pardon?

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Though the turkey did burp rather boorishly, the bird’s previous etiquette at the presidential ceremony prompted the other guests to simply laught it off.

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