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Every year-end brings oodles of “best of” lists for films, television, music, comics, and more. If you consume them, do you make lists of stuff you missed to get to later?

Asked by cookieman (41606points) December 20th, 2020 from iPhone

And, if you make such lists, do you actually ever get to all of them before the end of the following year?

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I do keep sections from the paper of films and best books but there are so many lists. I don’t get through them usually but sometimes a name will come up again and I’ll remember it was on a list. Oy vey – so much to see, so much to read…...

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No. I think now with being able to stream everything, it makes it hard to keep track of what’s from 2020 vs. what’s from other years.

I do keep a list of documentaries that I have watched. I’m a documentary fan and I like to remember which ones I’ve seen so I can re-watch or make suggestions to friends.

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Yes. I make a list of movies and television shows I haven’t seen that are highly rated.
I usually get through them, but for some reason I still haven’t seen Parasite.

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^^ I hated Parasite.

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I have an ongoing list of movies to see on Rottentomatoes and a list of books to read on Goodreads. I can see the lists in chronological order of what I added but I’ve had these lists for years. Things are added frequently and taken off as I read or watch them.

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I gleefully make lists now, from the Best Of’s, and then again at award season, but then, I only get to about half of them by year’s end. Too much good content these days.

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