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Do you watch Court TV?

Asked by jca2 (16471points) April 1st, 2021

I usually detest the thought of watching any daytime TV, but in the past few days, have been watching the Derek Chauvin trial.

For those who may not know, Derek Chauvin is the former Minneapolis police officer who killed someone by putting his knee on the man’s neck until the man died.

In the past, when I’ve had the opportunity, if I start watching a famous trial I find it addicting.

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I’ve only had a chance to watch clips of the trial on the evening news and find it more heartbreaking than I originally thought.
I was riveted to the Casey Anthony case and OJ Simpson case.

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Usually not. I am interested in watching the Chauvin case though. I’ve watched about 2 hours. Traumatizing. All those witnesses must have trouble sleeping they were put in an impossible situation. I wish a lot of them had called 9/11. The firefighter did, I don’t know if others did. I don’t know how many minutes in until her call. She came over when it all had started already. I saw part of her testimony, I want to see the whole thing.

If America doesn’t understand that witnessing that type of death affects an entire generation if not many generations they need to wake up!

I also am interested in watching cases pertaining to the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol I hope some get televised. I’m hoping some people who were there got deals by the DA to save themselves and rat out others so we get full stories and I hope people get convicted on serious charges like treason or insurrection. I’m tired of the violent racist crazy in this country.

I didn’t watch the OJ Simpson case at all, only what was replayed in the news, and I think most of America was watching it.

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@JLeslie: I believe one of the other witnesses called the police and asked for a supervisor. The Court referred to it as “calling the police on the police” and they pointed out the irony of having to call the police to protect Floyd from the very people who were harming him.

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@jca2 a friend of mine has posted a lot on Facebook about Floyd and the case and I wrote on a thread of hers that people should have called 911 and the police before I knew anyone did. She said she never would think to do it. I can understand in the moment it’s hard to think of anything. People were in shock and feeling helpless.

The friend I speak of is Black, so I’m not sure if that’s another reason why, but we went to school together, and I’d be surprised if Black people where I lived felt their lives were at risk by the police, but I might be totally wrong. I don’t have Black peers who wound up in jail where they might have been targeted. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had experiences of being harassed though, it seems so widespread.

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@JLeslie: The off-duty firefighter was White. The other man who called was Black.

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I find real courtroom stuff very fascinating, seeing the way it actually works, which is quite different from how TV courtroom “dramas” work.

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I caught some of it this morning. The defenses is trying to push the idea that he died of a drug over dose.

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But for the fact your knee was on his neck for over 9 minutes, the drugs actually had no part in his death. IMHO.

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@Dutchess_III: And also that the crowd was so unruly and threatening that they couldn’t render aid to the suspect Floyd.

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It’s such bullshit.

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If they had just put Floyd in the squad car there would never have been a crowd. If they had just checked on Floyd the crowd would have calmed down or dispersed. There was no reason to have Floyd on the ground with the full weight of a man on top of him. Bullshit is right.

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