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Is this not disgusting and infuriating?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7592points) April 24th, 2021

I just saw a news blip from on my News ap. A judge has had to order the names of jurors in the Chauvin Trial to be sealed, due to an influx of threats and hate mail. Pitiful isn’t it?

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I guess some people have no problem with the Police murdering people. Oh I keep forgetting Consitutional protections and rule of law are only for White folks.

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That is disgusting! Who gets news from

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Well maybe in theory, though even if there were many many fewer crazy people out there who might be a threat to the jurors, I’d still think it’d make sense to protect them with anonymity. In general, juror anonymity seems like it’s a good thing to offer jurors. It’s not at all restricted to this case.

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@filmfann Anything is preferable Fox Propaganda Network

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@Nomore_lockout I agree. It is most disgusting an infuriating. This type of
disgusting behavior is far too prevalent now. If good people do nothing this is a logical consequence.

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@Nomore_lockout You make it sound as though you have no problem with regular people murdering people. Just police.

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Not a bit. My point is that it’s disgusting to realize that there exist in this country, such hateful disgusting slime bags, that they would threaten jurors who brought an equitable verdict down on this jerk. But had he gotten off easy, they’d have no issues with it, but would be running thier mouths and whining about the horrible BLM agitators who are rioting and breaking the peace. This asshole got what he deserves. You know it and so do I. @kritiper

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. . . bet they’re monthly donators to elect Trump 2024 ! !

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@Tropical_Willie And I would bet that you would win that bet ; )

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I will split the twenty with ya @Nomore_lockout !

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You are a gentleman and a scholar sir! @Tropical_Willie

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It is quite telling.
Immediately after the verdict, right wing propagandists proclaimed that they only convicted because they were afraid of BLM hitsquads assassinating them in retaliation.
And now the death threats are coming from the right wingers themselves.
It is all projection with these people.

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The trial judge never released the names of the jurors. A couple of them immediately made themselves known. I can’t imagine why.

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I am not surprised their identities were concealed. As it turned out, an alternate juror outed herself by granting a TV interview. However, since she said the right stuff, there is no danger to her or to her family.

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@si3tech You reminded me of a great quote:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” :::Edmund Burke

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