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What is the rarest or most expensive toy that you have touched?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24182points) October 16th, 2021

I touched a real military tank in Edmonton’s Klondike Days, that was on display 30 years ago. I could not go in it, so I settled with touching it.

How about you?

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Not hundred percent sure but I think I touched that space shuttle on display in that museum in Virginia. What I really wanted to touch was the SR-71.

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There is an SR-71 at the Huntsville space center in Alabama. It’s much smaller than you would think.
I was once given the opportunity to hold a Stradivarius. I don’t play strings but my sister does.The music shop she worked at had one and she showed it to me.

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In the 1970’s I was looking for a BMW, friend of a friend had one but the engine was seized. Price was $1900. But a new engine from Germany would be required. It was a BMW 507 roadster like Elvis owned. Last year I think one sold for $2 million. They only made a couple hundred.

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Er, if tanks are included, I’ve touched quite a few of those, and also a battleship, some submarines, some military aircraft, and some space capsules, and a military fortification – I don’t know which was most valuable (not the tanks or planes).

I’ve also touched or been aboard various very expensive cars (most expensive probably a band new Bugatti), planes including a concorde, and several cruise ships that would top those.

I’ve been up in several world-class skyscrapers… are those “toys” for businessfolk?

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A old cap gun that was modified to fire a .22 bullet. (Called “zip gun.”)

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