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How old should I be to date?

Asked by tanaflower (9points) December 10th, 2021

Just answer it it’s okay if you do not know.

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I would say 16.

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If you are going out with someone within a year of your own age, I say 14. If the other person is older, I believe you should be 16 or even 17.

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Somewhere in the range of 14 to 18 seems a reasonable age to start dating, with parental supervision and depending heavily on your level of maturity.

Of course, every young person is different. My daughter is 19 and not at all interested in dating yet.

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It depends on the person and what you mean by dating but I would say around 17.

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Sophomre year of High School for homecoming dance or winter formal, otherwise junior year/16.

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16, unaccompanied by a adult/chaperone.

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