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May you please list what countries will be under water from sea level rising?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20529points) 1 month ago

Preferably a link to before and after in all the countries and islands in the world?

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Maldives will be underwater, and the Seychelles, too, I think. There are many islands in the Pacific parts of various island nations that will be underwater.

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Not countries but areas like Outer Banks in North Carolina, coastal Florida, New Jersey coast.

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@Tropical_Willie “New Jersey coast” Sigh – and the water won’t even be cold enough for icebergs!

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Funny thing, In certain places the seawater will actually recede. As glaciers and ice caps melt the weight of the water locked in ice is relieved, and the crust will rebound causing the coastlines in certain areas to expand. We are several thousand years away from the rebound effect reaching it’s end caused from glaciers melting during the last ice age. That’s not good news for low lying areas not rebounding.

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Lower Manhattan is 7ft above sea level.

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Another fun fact, New York at the height of the last ice age had an estimated two miles of ice above it. Just let the magnitude of that sink in for a moment.

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@filmfann Which is why it flooded and lost power in Hurricane Sandy.

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I heard that New Orleans will be a walled city 50 miles from shore in 100 years. And Miami will be a bunch of buildings sticking out of the water 100 miles from shore.

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