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What are you thoughts on Herbalife products?

Asked by trishgirl52 (186points) September 14th, 2022

I have an ex colleague who is into Herbalife products. He always tried to sell me the products. Until now I am going to try it out for 3 days for only $27.00. Not sure how effective this is. Need any opinions if anyone who knows about herbal life.

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It’s Herbalife, and it’s a MLM/pyramid scheme. Block this person from your life immediately.

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Due to the fact that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme, I AVOID them at ALL costs!!! They’ve been in business for probably over 20 years, & I’ve NEVER heard anything great about them, so that also backs up my decision to BEWARE!!!

I think that you are getting ready to be pressured to start selling for them…DON’T DO IT!!!

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Yeah, your colleague isn’t “into” these products. They are hooking into a multilevel marketing scheme. They have shelled out a lot of money, and committed a lot of time into the illusion that they are a small business owner, when they are in fact the consumer.

That doesn’t mean the products are bad, but as a rule MLM products are big on hype, and not R&D.

Whatever, try the cream if you must, but don’t believe anything your colleague tells you about it, and DO NOT consider selling it yourself.

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I don’t buy any of those pyramid scheme products. If people sell them, if friends sell them, they can do what they want and i don’t criticize them because these sellers are usually gung-ho, have drunk the Kool-Aid, and love the products that they promote. However, I don’t buy. They’re not cheap, those things. What says you can’t get the equivalent from a store like Costco or Walmart or your local health food store, with a different brand name, not Herbalife, but way cheaper? 9 dollars a day (which is what your cost will be for 3 days @ 27 dollars) is a lot of money to spend on any product. That’s almost 300 dollars a month. That’s almost 4k a year, and that’s after you’ve paid your taxes on your income, so it’s really like 6k before tax income. F that.

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What does the colleague claim the product will do in just 3 days time? Not many products will work that quickly.
To me, $27.00 is a lot to waste for absolutely no return on your investment.

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I chose $27 is nothing just to try it. It beats the one that is $189. I would buy a pair of shoes for more than that. I just want to know if it helps with digestion and belly fat. I don’t mind trying it for that amount just to see if it works. No big deal. I will not sell the products. I never do pyramid jobs. I never do prepaid legal or any of those. I gained weight and need to loose some fat back.

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I can save you 27 dollars and tell you that the creams will not help with digestion and will not reduce belly fat, unless it is made of pure rubber and sweats it out of you like a show horse.

They are worth trying for moisturizing, exfoliating, cosmetic purposes, with bonus points for smell or envigourating feelings, but not as medicine.

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Nothing is going to reduce belly fat within three days. I’d rather spend the 27 dollars on something useful to myself.

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It is possible. Back i 2009 I took Allied pills and they work immediately. I spent $64 on those starter pills and then the refill bottle was like $39.99. I took them like 2 yrs. I saw a difference even in the first day no lie. So I won’t know until I try it. Yea I could us the $27 on something else but I’d be using for the same purpose. I spent $40 on ZuPoo for colon cleanse and it gets rid of the gut.

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Can I ask, why aren’t you taking those pills if you know they work?

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Because I was much younger than. My Dr. said not to take them just yet I need to have blood work. I took them when I was 39 and now I am 52. They do work though. If I had the ok to take them again I will. So I am trying something more natural. When I say those Allied pills work they really did and fast.

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Zero thoughts.

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As in “Alli” the weight loss pill that only works short term and causes liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal issues?

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Well, the body of evidence doesnt support Alli as a long term weight loss benefit. Experiences may vary, but the side effects, it seems, are definitely real. At any rate, Alli is a medicine, and is vastly different than Herbilife.

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