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What did Queen Elizabeth II accomplish during her Reign?

Asked by Forever_Free (6706points) 2 months ago

We have all heard the statistic the Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch.
Additionally the US had 14 Presidents during her reign.

Not to be a cynic, and with all respect can someone please tell me her notable accomplishments during this time.

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She signed the bill of rights into law in Canada in 1982.
She also moved the Canadian constitution to Canada. In 1967 I believe.

She was also the rock of stability for the colonies and England, and arguably the world.

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I think you may be confusing the roles of a monarch in a constitutional monarchy with an executive president or prime minister in constitutional democracies. Her greatest accomplishment was in staying above politics and not getting directly involved, a very difficult task for someone who simultaneously had to remain extremely well informed about all the workings of the government.

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^ Yes.

The British monarch isn’t an executive position. They’re not really supposed to accomplish things, other than be a unifying figurehead and have various conversations and appearances and give out awards and do polite diplomacy and so on. They’re discouraged from taking strong positions on issues that might be political, or taking political actions.

Nonetheless they do do some things, and generally try to do good, represent the country well, etc.

Nonetheless, Queen Elizabeth II did quite a good job of all that, in general, making some differences diplomatically and domestically.

Abundant information is available online and in documentaries. The Crown is a good entertaining dramatization.

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She played her role as the enshrining symbol or state and ruling class power very dutifully and effectively, much to the dertiment of having a saner and fairer society.

Ironically enough, her dying has been a massive propaganda coup for the British state and its ruling class. Public sentimentality and the queen’s celebrity as a 70 year reigning monarch is being milked for all its worth.

She managed to avoid any personal scandal and embarrassment, which can’t be said for a few of the other family members.

She also managed to keep some her political lobbying largely secret for a long time, just to impress on people her supposed “neutrality”.

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She hated Thatcher, that will do for me.

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