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Best ride sharing app?

Asked by Entropy (4172points) March 11th, 2023

I’ve never been a ride sharer as I own my own car. But I’m going to go on a trip, and don’t want to pay for airport parking. I could get a shuttle or taxi, but I’m guessing ride share should be cheaper than either.

Any advice for which app, or how big a lead time to give them, or whatever? And why?

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I tend to use Lyft because it’s a better run company that pays their drivers a higher percentage. As far as lead time, it really depends where you are. In the California Bay Area, I can usually get a car within five minutes. In my home small city, it sometimes takes 15–20 minutes and one rainy night, no one at all.

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@janbb – Does Lyft therefore attract better drivers? Do they have a better reputation for quality of service?

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@Entropy Not that I’ve noticed. About the same.

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I have and will use both. I also have been a driver for both.

As a Rider, it doesn’t matter. It’s about response and time. I find Uber has more drivers and better responses. I have found more quality and ability to select quality on Uber.

As a driver I preferred Uber. More hits, better tips, less cancels, compensation for cancels. Driver support is also much better.
I think their UI and systems are just better.

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