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How do you make a Fluther hyperlink that references a specific point on a page?

Asked by fireside (12354points) September 27th, 2008

I’ve seen some people post links that will jump the visitor halfway down a web page to show specifically what they were referring to. How is that done?

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Definitely following this one, ‘cause I have no idea!

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Are you talking about on Fluther, or other websites?

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Well I know that you can find out the id of the div in which each user’s answer is by looking at the page’s source. If you look at the source for this page and search for ‘quiplist’, you’ll see a list of, well, ‘quips’. Augustlan’s is the only one there at the moment, but mine will appear in a seperate div beneath his. If you wanted to like to augustlan’s answer, you would look at this bit here: <div id=“quip247454” class=“quip quip1”>.

You then grab the “quip247454” bit and chuck a ’#’ in front of it, before dumping the whole thing (#quip247454) at the end of the link, like so:

“”. (link) That will take you straight to augustlan’s answer.

If you have a status bar at the bottom of your browser, a much faster way of doing it is to simply mouse over the “Great Answer” or “Flag As…” link for the answer you want to link to, and you will see the id number of that answer. Then just repeat the steps I mentioned above (add # etc).

:: edit :: now richardhenry has answered too, so there will a second quip in there (actually, 3 including mine!). Each of our answers will have a different quip number.

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Perfect, thanks yannick.

Does the same hold true for Wiki pages?
Just find the Div Id?

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@fireside: Yup, same for any website.

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Cool. thanks

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Or would could ask that every response has a permalink posted so we don’t have to hack them together every time.

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@jp: What’s a permalink?

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I think he means that below the posts there should be a button to “Quote This”
Not a bad idea, but I’m glad I learned how to do it on other sites too.

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permalinks are links generated for specific pages that do not change. For example: every wikipedia entry has a permalink, so that even if (something like) changed, (or something similar as the permalink) would always go to the same place.

This is useful for blog entries that would otherwise have changing URLs. With permalinks, you can always get back to a specific page, because a permalink will never be used by 2 pages.

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I’ll have to reread Yannick in the AM when I am thinking more lucidly. (What’s a “div”?)

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@gail: A ‘permanent’ link, in the sense that you’re linking directly to something that will never change or be misinterpreted.

On a news website, instead of saying “the second article down on the front page” (it will eventually get pushed off the front page, and your suggestion of where to look will become unhelpful to anyone reading), you link straight to the article itself.

So on Fluther, you’re linking straight to the response you want to mention instead of saying something like “the latest reply in such and such discussion”.

Instead of saying “Babo’s reply in the native tribe question”, I could give you this link to avoid any confusion:

…which jumps straight to the reply I’m referring to.

I think it’s a shame that Fluther doesn’t make it easier to link directly to responses; instead you have to go digging around all the crazy places to get the link you need.

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Aaaand beaten by blastfamy. :) Hah.

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In web development, div is used to declare a division in the document. See here.

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What about making the “search for older questions” easier, too. Wouldn’t that make linking easier? When I am feeling dogged, I scroll thru pages of odd questions in order to find Babo on Native Americans.

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Where is babo, anyway?

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I miss babo. :(

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Babo still around, yes?

Oh whew! From babo’s profile page: last visit: September 27th, 2008

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There seems to be a new feature here on Fluther that allows you to do just this. Move your mouse just to the right of the “Flag As” flag underneath any quip and a permalink buttons pops up. Presto!

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