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Would anyone like to design an avatar for me?

Asked by Perchik (4992points) August 22nd, 2007

pretty self explanatory. I need an avatar and I don't feel like making one. I'd prefer a jellyfish avatar, but not one of the fluther defaults. If I like your avatar, I'll use it :D

(And yes, I know this question is not quite in the spirit of fluther)

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Perhaps use your dreadlocks as a jumping-off point, surrounding a giant brain and sitting on a delicate digestive system 8 )

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I think you should use this one

TruMobius's avatar

Or get one of those jellyfish from a Sharks Tail.

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Don't forget your attribution!

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Those aren’t jellyfish on Flickr – those are sperm!!

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You’re welcome to use this.

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Oow oow oww! I can whip you up a wicked jellyfish avatar and it won’t be served with a side of sushi but how would I get it to you that you may use it? ;-D

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