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Best way to invest my money?

Asked by kiti (2points) October 2nd, 2007

I want to invest my money with making profit, can anyone give me his/her experience?

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Can you provide more details about your goals, willingness to take risk, liquidity, and so on?

Broadly speaking, you should diversify your assets and limit your liabilities.

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two things to consider:

1. government issue bonds are very very low risk, but offer accordingly modest returns.
2. real estate is widely considered the most solid investment possible. house prices always go up. sometimes they go up very quickly, sometimes slowly, but always up.

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Hi, sferik

I want to find the best way to invest my money in to make a profit, and I accept a high level of risk. In my opinion, more risk means more profit.

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Yes, kiti, it's true that taking on more risk can lead to bigger gains but it can also lead to bigger losses (that's the risk part).

About how much money will you be investing? Are you saving for retirement or shorter-term goals?

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Check out :


Everyone wants to get rich quick. Not possible unless you are already rich, like Warren Buffet and B. Gates. And I can’t see the connection between being outdoorsy and buying penny stocks (better to just throw the money out the car window while driving). Real estate in the US now is tricky unless you have a lot of experience.

Sferik is asking sensible questions and giving good advice; diversification..

And I wouldn’t use us as your Investment Advisors, at least, not yet.

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Lets say you have 100K sitting in a savings account.
Here’s what I would do.
Take 10K and get a casheers check and stick it in a safety deposit box (only for emergencies)
Take 10K and buy disability insurance ( you’re more likely to get disabled than to die)
You’ll have to shop. You could break it up into installments.
Take 10K and buy a paid-up life insurance policy that will pay a dividend in a year or two. (around 6–12% return)
Shop for a decent mutual fund manager (they usually publish their track record) Give him 30K to play with. (look for 8–20% return)
Become a private money lender (you should be secured by a mortgage and you can get 12–15% return and maybe share in the equity when the investor sells) There are a few seasoned investors that because of their expertise can get properties at about 50% of value and then flip them to property managers. 20K should be a start.
Next invest in yourself and get some (5K) education. Plan on doing that every year.
Lets see, If my math is right that leaves 15K.
I’d take 10K and really research a managed forex account with performance records.
You should be able to get about 5% growth per week if you find the right manager.
Now if you have done all that in a year and feel you have made progress in your education take the last five and reward yourself with a nice vacation. Remember it’s the journey not the destination that counts. If you are a religious person don’t forget to tithe out of your income. It will make this all work for your good.
Happy investing!

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At this time, I would invest in silver and/or Gold. This can be physical or in stocks. Silver is giving the best return. An example is the Walking Liberty Silver Eagle 1 oz. coin. I baught rolls from the mint since 1986 at the mint price. Right now, or as of Friday the 1st, my collection has gone up way over 200% per set. Silver is around $16,00 an ounce and is expected to reach close to $100.00 before the end of this year. China is the biggest buyer and needing it for the electical industry it is doing for (US). It’s just an idea for you

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Not sure if you are still in need, but I work in the music industry and am looking for a private investor and will pay 30%

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Thanks all to your efforts. I began to think on penny stocks. I told Sferik once that the more risk the more profit. And this is completely true and ya, I accept risks. According to that, I found that penny stock investing is the most risky investment and at the same time it’s the most profitable one.

Give me your opinion about my new think, hope you like it. If anyone sees any thing wrong in my speech, inform me plz.

Thanks for the good websites you wrote, it was good experience to read some articles there.


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@kiti; (please don’t tell me that English is not your native tongue. All these bilinguists really depress me. You write very well.. if you decide to publish something, get an editor for just a little tweaking.)

And remember, the more profit, the more risk. Are you investing in American markets or others? If you are taking a big risk, consider the money as gambling cash; pick an amount that you could live with without falling on your sword.

The large American Blue Chip Cos. have been doing poorly, due to high cost of fuel, disappointing quarterly earnings, inflation, etc. I still vote for a conservatively managed fund. I have been a conservative invester all my adult life and have done just fine.

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Hi Gailcalled,

First, my native langauge isn’t English, you were right a little bit.

Second, I don’t like gambling and according to my little knowledge penny stock investing isn’t a form of gambling; it may be speculative investment.

Anyways thanks for your remarks,


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Oh Dear!!!!!

Are we talking US penny stocks?????? Why not throw the money out of the window?

Okay, first of all, there is a huge difference between stocks that sell far under value, cheap stocks, and penny stocks, that are permanently on the verge of being purged by the SEC (if traded in a securitized market anyways, which they usually aren’t). Whilst there may have been a few lucky individuals that made money on them, the broad masses will lose.

First and foremost, the only people making money on penny stocks are brokers with direct market access. It is in the nature of these stocks to be highly volatile, and the time delay it takes for you to receive information about the companies issuing them is simply too long in order to react properly. Aside from the fact that they are very prone to manipulation and rather detached from actual capitalization of the issuing company.

Please consider, even if you are a savvy investor, all that info floating around say on MSNBC, CNN or MONEY is, by market standard, stale by the time we mere mortals get it, and of course these stocks hardly have analyst coverage anyways.

I think you may confuse “small caps” with penny stocks. Small caps may return a good yield, or they may not.

Penny stocks on the other hand, per definition stocks traded under USD 5, usually at over the counter venues like pink sheet or OTCBB come at tremendous risk. I’d put them next to gambling to be honest.

One source of rather solid advise is the Motley Fool, I highly recommend it to get the picture. It is very useful, sometimes entertaining, and quite understandable even if you are new to the subject.

Good luck

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Gold and silver are not investments but speculations and they have not done well over time in inflation adjusted dollars. Gold has lost over ⅔ of its inflation-adjusted value since 1975.

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What do you mean by “best”?

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