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How do you pronounce "Fluther?"?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9665points) February 21st, 2009 from iPhone

I like to think of it as “Floother,” with a soft th sound (like in “tooth.” But I’m pretty sure I’m wrong. How do you say it in your head? And does it even matter?

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Rhymes with “Mother”

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Fluh ther
at least that how i pronounce it

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Now I know, thanks.

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Fluther is pronounced /‘flʌ ðɚ/

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Click on the little megaphone and you will hear it!

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I thought it was pronounced the same way as you, but TaoSan is right, it rhymes with mother.

In fact, I remember asking this same very question.

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@scamp – lol, well that didn’t work, each microphone makes it sound different : P

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@fireside it’s a pronunciation using two different dialects. British and American.

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@fireside I saw the flags, and should have thought of that!! I probably just confused the asker even more now!! OOOPS :P I have no speakers on my work computer

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Funny, last time it was asked it got almost the exact same answer first, haha.

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(And the three times before that, as it happens.)

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And it STILL rhymes with mother!!

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I read somewhere in the guidelines that it is “Fl(uh)ther.”
I always (and by habit today) still call it Fl(oo)ther., but trying to stop…

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