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Do you let yourself get crotchety and irascible?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) April 28th, 2009

I find myself wanting to let loose with my opinions more and more (I bet you didn’t think I was holding back, did you?). I try, really hard, to be polite, but it is getting more difficult. Do you think it’s ok to let yourselve get crotchety and erasable? If you were going to get crotchety and erasable, what would be the most socially acceptable way to do it? Any tips?

ta, N ;-)

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quick, irascible!!!! :)

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I actually experience the exact opposite trend. I used to give long, detailed, scathing arguments on any and every issue that would come up. Now, I only really get involved every once and a while.

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Well, I’ve heard that you spend the first half of your life listening, and the second half of your life expressing your opinions, you know, being crotchety and erascible. As for the third half of your life, you’ll have to do what Ronald Reagan did. I wonder if anyone will get that rather arcane reference.

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Maybe a better question is “why are you feeling crotchety and irascable?”
It’s not illegal or anything but it’s probably not going to make you happy either.

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I don’t mind getting crotchety, but I never want to be erasable.

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Every now and then, sure. I’d be a complete bore and untrustworthy to the people who count on me most if I tried to hide or deny those crotchety and irascible moments away.
come on with your bad self!

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OMG yes, I do! I was even going to ask this very question!

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I gave this a GQ because it’s thought provoking and because I learned a new word.

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“irascible”, people, for god’s sake.

I’m irascible with assholes, but when people are obviously suffering, I’m usually not. Maybe you, daloon, have been more subjected lately to assholes than usual.

I’d like to mention the fact that when people don’t get enough sex, they feel jittery and easily annoyed. Just saying.

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@susanc are you saying that even god gets erascable?!

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@susanc, nope, did that this afternoon, I still had a paper to write afterwards, so I was pretty much just as jittery and annoyed afterwards as before, because not only did I still have to write a paper, at that point, I had just wasted at least 2 hours not writing it. (Not that it was wasted, but…)

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You know, I did try to erase myself, but the eraser kept breaking off the pencil!

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But to answer the question: I don’t know. I am what I am, and if that’s crotchety and irascible, then so be it.

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I get itchie and scratchy sometimes
—does that count?—

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When something on the internet bothers me, I just get up and go do something else. So far this week, I’ve gotten a powerful lot of weeds pulled. Thank you fluther.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra : good lord. I hadn’t thought of that. This probably explains all those floods and tsumanis….

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@daloon I just noticed your lurve being 12341. I’m going to give you lurve so you don’t get cursed.

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Yes. I love being crotchety. Sometimes I feel like I should be 70 years old. Curse my young body

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Sometimes I do get exasperated… but not crotchety and irascible. Every now and again, I get disgusted with people and I find the most awful thoughts in my head. I went to a yard sale on Saturday, just 3 blocks from my house in West Virginia. I swear to you, it was like being in the movie Deliverance. An extremely redneck-y family including unwashed children running around in diapers, all on the front porch, bellies hanging out, cussing in front of the kids, pit bull chained in the yard, selling a bunch of crap. While I was perfectly nice to them, I was/am shocked at how uncharitable I was/am in my head towards these folks. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. When did I become such a prima donna?!?

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Hell no! I am invariably the model of decorum—kind and courteous to asshole and saint alike. If you don’t find this trait admirable, you may go fuck yourself.

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I rather enjoy getting crotchety and irascible but.. by the time I’ve crafted up an appropriately lengthy and caustic response I’ve thought twice about it and just leave these little one liners instead. I hope it has saved me some trouble.

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No I don’t. When I feel I am going to get irascible I usually quit and start playing golf all alone.

Swinging helps a lot, particularly if you manage to calm down and actually hit the ball.

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I revel in my irascibility.

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No, I don’t like to crochet but I do have some great blankets my mom made.

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No, I don’t. I’m sweetness & light 24/7. Always cheerful, always a joy to be around. if you believe that, I have a bridge….

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As I get older, I’m more able to control my feelings…but I find myself more opinionated and willing to express my anger and frustration in a better way. Of course this is easy with anyone but my husband ;)

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