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What else can I do to make clear my support for health care reform to elected officials?

Asked by marinelife (62234points) August 17th, 2009

I decided this morning after reading the details of the Administration potentially folding on a public option, that I had to do something to try to counter the loud voice of ignorance.

So, far I (and my husband) have sent emails to the White House asking the President not to cave on this issue and to reconsider the provision about negotiating with drug companies.

My sister told me about this group, Mad as Hell Doctors.

What else can I do? Especially that would get to more people and get them to do something? Have you done anything?

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Your US senators and congressmen from your district are good folks to write to. If you have the energy, start a grassroots organization in your neighborhood.

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Goodyear blimp?

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Short of writing or emailing your congressperson and senator Im not sure. I, like you, am frustrated as well.

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One letter written by hand in your own words is counted by the staff as having the same impact of many hundreds of emails.

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You could also send letters to the newspapers in your area, and some TV news stations have a viewer feedback section. Try to get the word out to everyone you can.

Visit online blogs that allow comments and sign up to leave a comment. This is a very popular subject, and most of the blogs I’ve seen have hundreds of comments on them.

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Right now, those of us working for Organizing for America are circulating petitions for Americans to sign to show their support for President Obama’s plan. We will then use these petitions as leverage and proof that the American people support a health care overhaul. You can sign up to volunteer for OFA here.

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@lefteh Thanks! Are the petitions available online or how could I get one or sign one? I did sign up.

All: To all who mentioned the letters to Congress, I plan on doing that! Can I challenge everyone else who supports the reform to write too?

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@Marina Yep, they sure are available online. Check out our Health Care Action Center here.

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Baseball bat?

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@Marina & @lefteh I just signed the petition. I also post news on this issue on my facebook page, and will do so again tonight.

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Thank you for posting this (I’d give you a hundred GQs if I could). I’ve never before gone beyond expressing myself in this forum or perhaps sending an email to a Senator, but I’m going to do everything people suggest on here.

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Nothing. They do what they want, or are told to do by the powers that be.
Unless you can get a large movement together to make your argument.

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The only way I see to influence most congressment is to give them lots of money. Since universal health care is only wanted by those that need it, donations to congress are not likely.

I notice that the majority of donations come from organizations that have something to lose. The majority that will gain don’t have the money to pay the politicians. The old quotes hold true. “You get as much justice you can afford.” “We have the best congress money can buy”.

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