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What are the most important skills required for an internet marketing manager?

Asked by nik (1points) September 25th, 2009

We are trying to hire an Internet Marketing Manager whose primary objective is to acquire paying customers, via the internet, within a budgeted cost per acquired customer.

I am trying to draft a job description and interview people.

What skills, qualities and experiences should I look for?

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A taste for spam?

You look for the conventional tertiary qualifications required for any marketing position plus IT skills.

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Maybe look for someone who has a good understanding of traditional visual media and how it works with online branding as well. To understand advertising you should know how a good brand can sell with static and dynamic forms of media without loosing the message. Keep in mind that Internet Marketing takes time so you have to be patient as well and results don’t happen overnight. You should see some analytics reports on a monthly basis and gear your customer base from some of that search criteria.

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First of all do a search for their name in Google. Any internet marketing manager worth their salt will have spent time making sure their name yields positive results in search engines. Also they need to have a strong understanding of all online marketing mediums (SEO, PPC, email, analytics, social networks, etc). Other necessities are going to be great customer interaction skills and strong understandings of HTML, CSS, Excell, and pretty much any of Adobe’s suite.

If your online marketing manager is going to be a one man team then you will also want to find someone who has design experience. This will allow him/her to develop good looking reporting, ads, etc without having to constantly wait for 3rd parties and or your in house design team.

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