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Are Mutual Funds as Big and Prosperous in other countries as they are in the U.S?

Asked by MuffinMonarch (148points) September 27th, 2009

I love Finance and am always trying to find my path in the Field. I’m still in college , but I want to work abroad and I Mutual Fund seems like something I can look forward working for or opening one of my own in the distant future and was wondering if I would have to take a big oppurtunity-cost pay cut to open or work for one abroad.

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The European market is quite competitive, look for places like London and Luxembourg, I believe they’re the main players outside of the US.

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There are plenty of successful Fund Management Companies in the UK, from the very large to the small boutique managers, most can be found in The City – London. London is usually named as the top financial city in the world.

The Investment Manager’s Association’s Website would be a good place to start.

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