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Do you ever set out to seduce someone?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 5th, 2009

For some reason, I’ve written a couple of stories that are about food and seduction. I wrote them a while ago, at a time when I was rather manic. I think I shared one recently—about making tomato sauce.

Anyway, someone just asked about fall recipes, and this brought to mind my other story—about making a spicy squash soup. Since we’ve had a number of questions lately that were more adult in theme and of a more explicit nature, I thought, what the hell, I’ll throw this one in the mix.

Well, hold your horses there! I’m not asking anyone to get x-rated. I’m really looking more at the seduction part, not for a detailed description of what happens when the seduction is successful. “One thing lead to another” is perfectly fine.

Did you ever set out to seduce someone? What were the circumstances? What was your plan? How did it go?

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It is always about seduction. Be it a nice smile, good food, conversation. Or sexuality.

Some people are just more sloppy and aggressive with it then others.

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Twice: both food related, one a disaster and one really hot

I once attempted a “love spell” on someone… I was in my early twenties and in lust over this guy who was a practicing Wiccan. (so I of course, figured I’d “use” the belief on HIM)

I bought a ‘book of spells’ and read through it thoroughly for just the RIGHT one, and then waited for the ‘waxing’ moon phase, actually waited for it to be nearly full, in the meantime I’d ‘pop in’ and visit him at the shop he owned, talk, flirt, whatever. We hung out a couple of times with groups of people but I wasn’t getting the vibe that he was into me.
Determined to get this guy, I baked him an orange poppyseed cake and whispered all the right incantations, invoking the Goddess and whatever else it said to do in the book, added all of the “secret ingredients” (including strands of my own hair, GROSS)

I brought my best friend with me to go deliver the cake, as I was too nervous to go in by myself… I needed moral support, for I was doing something so incredibly POWERFUL (in my mind)
I was so SURE that he would take one bite of this cake and fall MADLY in love with me…
Well, maybe it sort of worked. He wound up falling for my best friend!

Second story has a much sexier outcome:

I was totally hot for this guy who was a friend of a friend. He was a former Marine, incredibly good looking, super well built, I totally had a crush on him.

He came to a holiday party that I had. I wanted to do something fun and “kitschy” so I had a fondue party.
After a couple glasses of wine, I worked up enough gumption to flirt with him a bit… he flirted back…I picked up a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate and fed it to him, winked and smiled.

He stayed until everyone else left and we began feeding each other fruit dipped in chocolate for a little while. It was incredibly sensual, he wiped a drip of chocolate off of my lip with his finger, so I took the opportunity to stick his finger in my mouth and sucked on it a bit… that was all he could handle, he pulled me over to him and started kissing me with both hand on my face (GOD I love it when a guy does that) one thing lead to another and… well, I’m sure you can guess where the story goes

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Sure, There have been a few times I’ve wanted to make it clear I was interested in getting nekkid with someone without coming right out and saying it.
I’ve usually just been a little flirtier and touchier than usual, and um… one thing leads to another…

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Thanks! (I blush when I think about it, I’m not the type to be so forward)

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Yes but it didn’t involve food.
I had had a mad crush on a co worker of mine for almost a year but never went beyond smiling at him, a few compliments on clothing, etc. because I never got a feeling of reciprocal interest and had been told he wasn’t single anyway so you know, very mild flirting. Anyhow, it came to pass he was about to quit our company and was entering people’s phone numbers int his celly, he asked for mine which made me giddy as hell. A few days went by and I hadn’t had a call so the next time I saw him, I straight out asked, “Mr., what do you intend to do with that phone number?” He was visibly flushed and taken off guard but said he’d ask me out if he wasn’t an empoyee. I told him to do as President Clinton with a twist- I said, “DO ask, don’t tell but DO ask” and I gave him the smile I’d been saving for so many months. He sent me a picture message a few days later saying he wanted to take me out and I offered, “scotch and straight talk”; we’ve been keeping it straight for awhile now, the happiest ‘kinda seduction’ I’ve done.

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@christine215 I was preparing to answer this question and your answer completely distracted me. I’m lost in la la land right now…thanks! :)

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Hmmm. Beginning to make me wonder whether men do any seduction.

@ChazMaz Did you ever actually try? What happened? This is about walking the walk, not talking the talk.

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Yes @daloon, we do. Recently, I reacquainted myself with an ex girlfriend from my youth. She was a very bad gf, but a pretty good lay. Anyway, when we met recently, I felt a degree of two-way attraction, and I was bummed she was now married. Anyway, we spent some time catching up, then she let me know that her marriage was far from happy, and she was thinking of leaving him.

Not long later, she texted me in the middle of the night asking if I could go out of town for the coming weekend with her since her other friend cancelled on the trip. During the six-hour drive, I tested the waters to see if she was ready for an affair. At first, she explained all the reasons why we shouldn’t get physical. I did my best to shoot them all down. By the time we got to the hotel, she was a bit past neutral. We went out for drinks at a club where her friend was playing, then back to the hotel, showered and climbed into our respective beds.

Looking at each other across the room, she said something like, “We really can’t do anything. It will never work out.” So I got out of bed and sat on the edge of hers and started rubbing her shoulders and letting her know I understood. After a bit, she moved over to make room for me, so I crawled in next to her and just held her and stroked her hair, telling her I hoped that would help her relax so she could fall asleep. She let me know that it was actually stimulating her, so it wasn’t a good idea. I stopped with the hair and tried other “relaxation” techniques that I knew would also stimulate her. Once again, we agreed that it was a bad idea, so we would not do anything. Then I kissed her forehead and rolled over.

A minute later, she rolled to me and snuggled in. A minute later, she asked if I happened to have protection…

She left her husband a couple weeks later after coming to my place and spending the night. She had no inhibitions that night, nor into the next day. We remain friends with occasional benefits, so we’ll see how it goes. Neither of us want more from the relationship.

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@ru2bz46: DEBAUCHERY!!!
once bad gf, always bad gf
and the “friends with benefits” thing doesn’t work for too long. You’ll burn, I’m telling ya.

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@hungryhungryhortence Line by line, I agree with every part of your comment, and it’s all good. :-)

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“Did you ever actually try? What happened? This is about walking the walk, not talking the talk.”

Like I said. “It is always about seduction.” If you have to try, you are trying too hard.

Did I try? Always, apparent or not.
What happened? Sometimes you win sometimes you loose.

“This is about walking the walk, not talking the talk.”
It starts with a stare and a smile. Walking over and… Talking.
The process of seduction has begun.

“Did you ever set out to seduce someone? What were the circumstances? What was your plan? How did it go?”

Plans are for amateurs and adolescents. I let nature take its course.

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I tried to once. I was really flirty. I touched his arm, laughed at his jokes, smiled at him all the time, called, texted, went to his house during a 4 hour break I had between classes. He didn’t pick up on it.. AT ALL. Then one day I was talking to him about “some guy” I liked. He was giving me some advice on how to talk to him. I told him that I had tried everything I could think of, but that “this guy” just wasn’t getting it. Then he said, “Well, maybe you should just come right out and tell him.” So I did. I went, “Oh, well, it’s you.”
Then he knew, he said I was cool, but…. he had a girlfriend.

I’ve discovered that guys seem to like me more and think I’m flirting with them even when I don’t think I’m flirting at all. Which sucks when the guys I do like are oblivious and the guys I’m not into ask me out. =\

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@daloon . . .I’m flattered, and maybe even a little curious, but I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children at home. . .

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@Blondesjon Man! There you go again! How much more do you think my ego can take? Ditch the wife. Send the kids to boarding school. Time’s a-wastin’ my friend!

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All. The. Time. (Back when I was a youngster.) The only time it didn’t work, the dude was gay and I didn’t know.

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Yes, and i ended up with terrible tongue cramps.

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My favourite trick is using nothing but the eyes, I have been always been told my eyes always say exactly what is going on with me much to my annoyance, but a good amount of batting the eyelids and some ‘smouldering’ glances has got me to the ‘one thing lead to another…’ stage a few times :)

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@ChazMaz Unless someone is a master in the art of seduction and lovemaking they aren’t going to understand what you are getting at. They don’t understand that it’s a projection into the ethers that just attracts like moths to a flame. And they don’t understand the nuances of someone else’s conveyed interest through their body language alone. They don’t understand the natural dance that occurs if you are willing in the moment. And they are unwilling to honor a random moment of connection as well. To them it’s debauchary. I say Bah! Humbug! LOL

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@ChazMaz So you’re saying you never set out to seduce someone. You just hung around and if it was there, it was there? I’m looking for people who actual set out/plan to do it. I.e, amateurs and adolescents, as you describe them. Ever do anything like that?

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