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LCD or Plasma tv ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) October 7th, 2009

Really need to update the living room tv , really want a Panasonic viera plasma . But heard its pretty bad when linked to a ps3 , and since the ps3 is my main source of media for the living room music , films, games and media streams . This update won’t come into effect till early / mid next year , so plenty time to figure it all out .

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I would go LCD always. They have a smaller risk of burning the image into the screen if left on. Also in a dry climate LCD is also better. Plasma do best in more humid climates do to the gas.

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We went with an LCD, it works great with our ps3.

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I found out something recently that I never knew, and it will be a factor when I get my next TV. There is a significant difference in power consumption. LCD is even better than old-style TVS. Worst of all are plasma TVs, which are major power hogs.

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One thing to take into consideration is that though they have shorter lives, plasma TVs have richer and deeper blacks. This is a factor when you’re watching a movie or tv show filmed darkly; you’ll notice artifacts in the shadows on some TVs.

I’ve read that LCDs have greatly improved in this area in recent years, but I think plasmas are still ahead for now.

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What about LED?

They are spendy but should come down in the next year.

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We have a Panasonic plasma as our main tv in the living room. It’s hooked up to our ps3. No complaints about it at all. We’ve had it for a few years and love the vivid picture and great colors. We have an LCD in the bedroom and the colors just don’t compare. It’s alright but I prefer the plasma.

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lcd-no burn in :]

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I’m just curious: what are the differences between LCD, plasma, and LED (not counting price differences)? Does the picture look different? I’m not even sure what types we have at home. I know the one in my bedroom is an LCD, but I don’t even know about the other ones.

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plasma’s have better blacks I think, and possibly better color overall, but are susceptible to burn in, and I think they only last fro so many hours.

lcds aren’t susceptible to burn in, and have longer lives, but may be compromised in color quality.

LED tv’s are just LCD’s that use LED’s to backlight the screen.

most of this is just guessing and what i’ve heard, no idea how accurate it actually it *shrug *

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just so you know, I did a lot of research to find a gaming tv…because it was a christmas present for my husband, and he likes to play a lot of video games. I ended up with this tv (I’m pretty sure that’s it lol) It had the best reviews on game sites, and on Best Buys site…plus, it was on sale for much less than $850

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I know one of the concerns with plasmas is the burn in factor. But the guy at best buy assured us that it’s not as bad as what people say. We haven’t had any issues so far and my fiancĂ© uses the ps3 all the time.

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A plasma’s half life is about 40,000–60,000 hours…that’s a long ass time for anyone here saying they don’t last long.

As far as burn in goes, they use to be susceptible, but since any current decent models now have pixel shifting technology (assuming you get a decent model), it greatly limits that risk.

The colors of a plasma are much more vivid, and you do get truer whites and blacks.

I personally prefer LCD, because I’m not a big fan of the high glossy screens that the plasma models will have.

For anyone going between the two….I’d say, if it’s going in an open room that is well lit, and many windows, go with an LCD.

For anyone putting it in a theater room that has either no windows, or can be darkened for a theater environment, go with a Plasma.

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I believe it’s sharp that’s coming out with a true black LCD tv. Where thr blacks are so black that it looks like the tv is off. I saw video of it showing fireworks amazing.

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Another vote for LCD, especially if you have kids, the kid smacks an LCD screen, the screen may look funny for a while but it will probably come back before too long, if he smacks a plasma it could rupture. I’m very happy with my Sharp LCD 52” TV, the blacks may not be as deep, but I’m not critical enough to notice, the picture looks great…I’m sure it’s not enough to please the toughest customer, but for your average family, it is more than sufficient.

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This site can help you make a decision. But you should also know that fewer and fewer companies will be making plasmas. You will want a product that will be easier to have serviced if necessary.

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I am looking at a new big screen, and will probably go LED.
The quality is amazing, and that is important when you get over 40”

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I would never buy a TV without checking out the AVS forum first

Thousands of early adopters, enthusiasts and pros alike review and discuss just about every tech on the market. Since all TVs have their drawbacks you need to know which ones are acceptable to you and which are absolute deal breakers.

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